I find analogies can be really helpful, particularly in situations where one’s personal real-world experience may be limited. So, when I’m dealing with clients who are buying property for the first time, I often liken it to the unpredictable world of online dating. A property purchase is a significant long-term commitment and the goal is […]

10 ways buying a Property is like online dating

One of the most frequently asked questions I come across is “What makes a good property?” It is kind of like asking “What makes a good holiday?” or “What makes a good tv show?” in that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as the criteria for what may resonate with and satisfy an individual’s preferences are […]

5 Things That Make an Ideal Property

When it comes to buying a property in Australia, you will come across 2 methods of sale: auctions and private sales. Here I will break down the differences including the benefits and drawbacks of each (although you don’t really have a choice as it is the agent/vendor who will decide what method they use). Auctions […]

Auctions vs private sales

Property is an incredibly dynamic market. At any point in time there are a finite amount of properties and buyers in a market, but an infinite number of outcomes which can occur depending on the decisions and actions those buyers take. Understanding the variables behind auction results is important to be able to accept that each […]

6 things you need to know before auction

I wouldn’t take dental advice from a physiotherapist, and I wouldn’t take tax/financial/legal/building advice from a real estate agent. It isn’t because I don’t trust them, it’s because they’re not qualified to provide that advice. Yet we come across numerous situations where the agent has stepped outside their area of expertise – not necessarily on purpose, […]

Are you seeking the right independent property advice?

The opportunity cost of a decision is the value of the best alternative option. In really basic terms, it can be a tangible thing such as, “If I spend $100 on these new shoes, I won’t be able to afford to go for dinner this weekend”. Or it could be a non-monetary cost like time […]

The hidden costs of property investment

Knowing what NOT to say is equally as important as knowing what to say to the real estate agent when you’re keen to purchase a property. There can be a fine line between being too friendly and too coy, and your purchase experience and outcome can be greatly influenced by your interactions with the agent. […]

4 things not to say to the real estate agent

We can’t pretend that real estate agents don’t get stereotyped. Many buyers don’t trust agents, and assume that a lot of what they say is a fabrication or exaggeration. It’s true that the agent is working for the vendor, but they also have an incentive to assist and coach the buyer. Without a buyer, there isn’t a […]

Keep your friends close and the agent closer

When it comes to buying a property under market value or for a “bargain price”, we need to understand why the property is selling relatively cheaply and what implications this has for capital growth and tenant prospects. There are many reasons a property could sell for a significantly lower price than comparable properties for sale (or […]

The problems with property ‘bargains’

Why do we love period properties so much? Why do people scramble over each other at auctions to bid for a house which is a hundred or so years old? Period properties regularly experience stronger sales results than their post-war or modern townhouse neighbours. So what are the drivers of capital growth and why do […]

What properties outperform in capital cities?

Buying or selling a property is undoubtedly one of life’s most significant decisions, one that can be fraught with risk, stress and potential overwhelm. 

As an expert property advocate, my job is to dial down all of these things and help you buy the right property at the right price, whilst also saving you time and, in the long run, money.

Hi, I’m Amy Lunardi 

I’ve honed my expertise with over 10 years of experience in the property industry and have guided over 1000 home buyers, investors and vendors through their property journeys.

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