The First Home Guidebook is a podcast exclusively for first-home buyers, no matter what stage you're at in your property journey, brought to you by Amy Lunardi.

Whether you're just starting out, saving for a deposit, searching for properties, making offers or bidding at auction, The First Home Guidebook is here to help.

The First
Home Guidebook

The Australian
Property Podcast

The Australian Property Podcast all about buying, managing and investing in Australian property. We’re on a mission to be Australia’s MOST TRUSTED property podcast.

Hosted by four of Australia’s top property investors and/or financial educators, including:

Amy Lunardi, buyer’s agent. 
Owen Rask, founder of The Rask Group and investment analyst.
Pete Wargent, six-time author and buyer’s agent.
Chris Bates, mortgage broker and founder of Blusk/Wealthful.

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