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What is a buyer's advocate?

In short, we are property experts who work for the buyer and have their best interests at heart. We have a holistic and strategic approach to buying a property, which helps people buy the right property for the right price whilst also reducing stress, risk and overwhelm.

We appreciate that buying a property is a huge financial and emotional decision with potential long-term consequences and aim to give buyers confidence in their decisions and make the whole process more enjoyable (and exciting!).

Our services include:

• Assisting with creating a property strategy and brief 
• Recommendations for qualified and trusted property professionals such as mortgage brokers and financial planners 
• Searching and shortlisting of suitable properties
• Agent communication of property briefs, including emails and phone calls to uncover off market and pre-market opportunities
• Inspections and property commentary 
• Managing all agent communication 
• Property appraisals 
• Due diligence, including coordination of contract reviews, building and pest inspections, additional trade inspections, local area checks, and local planning permits 
• Negotiation and auction bidding
• Post-sale assistance, including final inspection and coordinating quote/trade access 

Do I need a buyer's advocate?

Enlisting a buyer’s agent means having a qualified and experienced supporter who has expert knowledge of the market and will guide you while you make one of the most significant financial and life decisions. 

Real estate agents work exclusively for the vendor. A buyer’s advocate is in your corner working for you and has your best interests at heart.

Do I need a vendor’s advocate?

Having a vendor’s advocate working alongside you for the property sale process means having an extra set of hands streamlining the process and ensuring you sell your property for the right price.

We manage the entire process at no cost to the client and split a portion of the fee with the selling agent. This includes agent selection, appraisal, campaign management, and hand-holding throughout the process making it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

What is an off market property?

An off market or pre-market property is one that isn’t advertised to the public as being for sale. 

At any given time there are thousands of properties not listed on the usual websites, and we access them using our extensive agent networks. We’ll assess them on merit to make sure they’re appropriately priced then submit them to you for consideration if they fit your brief. 

Over a third of our properties purchased are off market or pre-market and often our clients are able to inspect these properties before anybody else.

What is the Amy Lunardi Property process?

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve got our process down to a fine art. First of all, we establish a discovery call to ensure we are the right buyer’s agent for you. Then we follow our 6-step process for property purchases.

Guided / Full-Service Home Buyer Process:

1. Strategy Discussion
We identify our client’s requirements and establish a budget, timeframes and their needs and wants when it comes to their ideal property.

2. Customised Brief
We issue a personalised brief to the client for approval and commence the assignment. Here is where 50% of your first invoice will be paid.

3. Property Search
The fun part. We communicate your requirements to our local agents and source properties that are on and off market, conduct physical inspections with comprehensive videos and send you a shortlist of suitable properties.

4. Due Diligence
We conduct appraisals of suitable properties, as well as independent rental appraisals, supply a landchecker property report, arrange contract reviews, and coordinate building and pest inspections.*
*via third parties with separate costs

5. Negotiation/Auction Bidding
The pointy end of the process. We negotiate terms of conditions with real estate agents, prepare a purchase strategy, negotiate or bid at auctions, and execute contracts. The remaining 50% of your invoice is paid here.

6. Post Purchase
We coordinate any remaining pieces of the post-sale process and conduct a final inspection. 

What’s the difference between a Buyer’s Advocate and a Real Estate Agent?

There are a few different terms for a buyer’s advocate, such as property advocate and buyer’s agent and, generally, they all serve the same purpose - to work for the buyer and secure the right property at the right price. 

A real estate agent is sometimes referred to as a selling agent. They work for the vendor and aim to secure them the highest price possible for the sale of their property. 

Should I buy or sell first?

There are no hard and fast rules and a lot depends on your personal circumstances, such as your financial situation, whether you’re eligible for bridging finance or require short-term accommodation. External influences can also have a play in whether you buy or sell first for example if the market is increasing or declining. 

Our role is to ensure the whole process is facilitated as seamlessly as possible whether you’re buying, selling or doing both at the same time. 

What areas do you service?

We service the inner and middle ring suburbs of Melbourne - please reach out if you’d like to inquire regarding specific suburbs you’re searching in

How are the fees paid? 

For our guided and full services, we request a 50% deposit upon official commencement and 50% upon the unconditional purchase of a property.

Average time frame to purchase a property?

Every client and their needs are unique and a property purchase can take anywhere from 3 days to several months. On average, we make a purchase for clients within 6 weeks of commencement, however, our services are for an unlimited time frame. 

What’s the biggest value in getting an advocate? 

It depends on what you place the most value on. Some buyers value their time, having extra confidence or knowing that they aren’t going to make a mistake. We aim to save clients as much money as possible but the priority for us is buying the right property at the right price, and a bargain is a bonus. 

How do you choose the right advocate?

Buying or selling a house is a big decision and it’s important to find the right person to assist you with the process. We recommend doing your due diligence and ensuring:
• They have adequate experience and credentials
• They operate and can demonstrate a track record in the suburbs you’re interested in
• You feel comfortable with their guidance and advice and don’t feel pressured into making decisions
• They have an understanding around the finance process and are happy to communicate with your broker or lender to avoid any financial risks
• You ask local real estate agents about their experience with them or their reputation
• They can back up their claims and demonstrate proven off market purchases
• You use word of mouth recommendations, if possible - there are very few regulations or education requirements for people to call themselves property advisors, particularly when it comes to “property investment advisors”